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WellNess Workshops & Events

Join in on the latest events at Spa InterContinental, London, and depart with expert guidance to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. Check out our event calendar and book your spot early to avoid missing out due to high demand. 

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Our Workshops

Our collection of one-hour workshops is tailored to improve your well-being and assist you in realizing your utmost potential.

Delving into the intricacies of your energetic composition, achieving success, and fulfilling your desires, these sessions are conducted by our skilled team of coaches and healers. They are committed to guiding you on a bold journey towards personal development and transformation.

Select from a variety of subjects such as meditation, stress management, and the connection between mind and body health. Begin your path to self-discovery in a setting that motivates and uplifts.

Step Away From The City Stress With

Monday Mindfulness Nights

Attend an evening filled with rejuvenation and personal growth, orchestrated by our team of proficient coaches, therapists, and healers. Each workshop offers an enjoyable and enlightening experience, concluding with a relaxing sound bath, all set in the opulent and inviting atmosphere of Spa InterContinental.

Embrace this opportunity for dedicated self-care and depart feeling revitalized and invigorated.

Retreat To Peace With

Healing Sound Baths With Crystals

Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Crystal Sound Bath, a distinctive and immersive session that harmonizes with the room’s energy. Bask in the therapeutic combination of sound and crystals, transporting you into a profound state of serenity and peace.

Led by our skilled therapists, you’ll be encircled by an array of exquisite crystals, each selected for their distinctive properties. They work together to balance and align your energy centres, rejuvenating your spirit.

Guests have the option to register for both the workshop and the Crystal Sound Bath sessions, or to choose just one session for their visit.

Our Specialist Workshop With

The Lumineers

Dr. Rana Al-Falaki, a globally renowned coach and speaker, is a connoisseur in achieving optimal performance and fulfillment. Her innovative NAIL-IT process has been instrumental in guiding professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs to heightened success in all facets of their lives. Dr. Al-Falaki’s custom-tailored motivational events, speaking engagements, and retreats blend practicality with enjoyment, offering a transformative experience for participants.

Reshma is a diversely trained energy healer, employing a comprehensive approach to reestablish harmony and vitality. Her distinctive methodology integrates Reiki, crystal healing, and other techniques, targeting physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. Reshma’s expertise has aided clients in managing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and trauma, fostering personal growth through cooperative and insightful guidance.

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New To InterContinental...

Charlotte Tilbury Make-Up

Get ready for the Charlotte Tilbury Make-up event at The Intercontinental!

Join us for a fabulous and FREE make-up extravaganza. With the New Year approaching, it’s the ideal time to shop,  especially with an extra 20% off everything, including limited edition sets!

Explore Charlotte Tilbury’s renowned make-up and skincare collections. Our Pop-up shop is perfect for finding that special gift or adding to your own collection. Plus, get a free full-size item when you spend £85!

Our expert artists will be there to help you choose the best presents and products. Experience the luxury of Charlotte Tilbury – perfect for beauty lovers and those who value high-quality items. Test and explore our extensive range to find your ideal match.

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Dermalux LED Treatments