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To get in touch with Spa InterContinental and explore the full range of services at our Medi Spa in London, please use the contact information provided. Schedule a session with our skilled team, and we’ll ensure your every desire is fulfilled.

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Take a moment to pause and connect with your body as you explore a unique selection of bespoke treatments from our skilled skin therapists. Our mission is to engage all your senses, providing calming massages, rejuvenating facials, exfoliating body scrubs, soothing wraps, and signature treatments. These combine luxurious indulgence with ancient techniques and the finest natural oils. We have also incorporated cutting-edge technology to elevate our treatments, using innovative devices to achieve outstanding, long-lasting results.

All this awaits you at Spa InterContinental, located in the prestigious Park Lane Hotel in London. Don’t hesitate to book a visit and dedicate a moment to yourself.